Experience Your Unique Synergy Life

Unleash Your Greatness by Maximizing Your Life:  Body, Mind, and Spirit!

You don’t need another diet or exercise plan – you need a new mindset, a new hope, and a plan. My Synergy Health System will help you multiply your results so that you don’t just look better, you think better, you feel better, you LIVE better!

Don’t just add exercise or subtract calories – experience the multiplication effect of synergy!

Discover the Power of Synergy

Most people live in the world of addition.  Add this exercise, supplement, …you fill in the blank.  This type of addition living is for amateurs.  This is boring math:

50 + 50 = 100

Synergy Living is about experiencing a world of multiplication.  This is where you systematically and holistically integrate and combine several key activities (and mindsets) that not just add to the results in your life, but rather cause you to experience much greater results.  This type of math creates excitement in your life. 

50 x 50 = 2,500

Learning how to Synergize your life creates a whole new level of health and success.  This type of multiplication is for masters of life!

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

You are already experiencing synergy living in some areas of your life – yet there are places where you feel stuck, trapped, frustrated and defeated.

My Synergy Health Solutions system will help you connect the places in your life where you are already succeeding with the areas where you need some work.  The results will amaze you.

The secret is in getting four key areas of your life all working together.  This creates the Synergy Success Cycle.

Imagine going to work next week here:

You have the time to focus on your health and dream about the future, better yet, focus on strategies and plans that will bring that envisioned future to you!

You wake up refreshed from a good night’s rest with a feeling of anticipation and excitement for the day ahead of you, even if it’s a Monday!

You have energy and motivation to work hard, make an impact, and earn more. You go home relaxed, looking forward to tomorrow.

Not only do you work hard, you also have even more energy and health to connect with your spouse and children by enjoying quality time and experiences including those dream vacations.

You have the capacity again to enjoy hobbies that you once loved, creating great times and memories with friends on a regular basis. You also find ways to carve out time for yourself to recharge or be creative in your own way.

You are proud of the life you are living and the legacy you are creating.

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Here’s How it Works

In working with thousands of people over the past 20 years and studying thousands of hours into personal development, health care, and business development, I recognized patterns.  I noticed that those achieving great success in life or suffering with lots of setbacks were engaged in a cycle both internally in their mindset and externally in their associations and actions.  This cycle continued to work and be propelled either in the positive or worse in the negative in their lives.  The ones who gained continued upward success in multiple areas of their life were using this formula- whether they knew it or not.  I call it the Synergy Success Cycle.

Your POWER – We identify your strengths – where do you shine the brightest?  In this phase of the program you will identify those things that you are already doing well and where you have the greatest potential.  As a result, you will:

  • Know your strengths and explore ways to build on the unique strengths you possess.Gain increased confidence in your potential and ability to thrive
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that have been holding you hostage
  • Live a more motivated and inspired life
  • Become less critical of your failures and flaws and embrace a more positive outlook
  • Become more self-aware
  • Help those around you improve and begin appreciating their own giftedness.
Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

“Dr. Janowitz's understanding of total health and wellness is why I love his practice as well as his teachings.”

Justin Dailey Lead Pastor, Action Church

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Your PURPOSE – You are not a cosmic accident.  You were put on this earth for a reason.  People who understand their purpose naturally accomplish more and experience a higher quality of life:

  • Have a greater sense of meaning and purpose to your life
  • Gain a clearer perspective and vision on where you want to go, what you want to accomplish both in the present, the near future and down the road.
  • Be committed to living a healthier life – after all you have much to live for!
  • Set exciting and compelling goals for yourself – and achieve them!
  • Know that living in health is possible – have increased faith and belief in yourself
  • Have an increased hope and expectation for your future

“Dr. Eric has long been a champion of healthy and well-balanced lifestyles for his patients and community.”

John Woodson Registered Patent Attorney, Allen, Dyer, Doppelt & Gilchrist, PA

The right PEOPLE – Who you hang out with affects how you see yourself.  It’s important that you have a support team of family, friends, co-workers and professionals who become you’re your health support “Dream Team”.

  • Establish both a health care and a sick care team.
  • Know what questions you need to ask regarding your health and personal wellness.
  • Learn when natural/homeopathic remedies are the way to go and when traditional medical treatments including surgery are called for.
  • Identify relationships that are toxic where they drain you and pull you down rather than
  • Embrace the “law of attraction” to surround yourself with more positive people
  • Have accountability partners who will help you achieve your goals and show you “tough love” when it’s needed.
  • Find out who inspires you – who helps you attain your greatness
Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

“The Synergy Health Solution is a fine example of the exceptional compassion that Dr. Janowitz has for his patients and the community.”

Dr. John Barnett, AP Acupuncture Physician, Orlando Acupuncture

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

The right PROCESS – you need a system.  This is exactly what I will provide.  A simple, proven and effective process that helps you attain Synergistic Health.

  • Raise your standards – move from “tolerating” life to “experiencing” life at its highest levels.
  • Develop an internal engine that drives you, that moves you forward at the speed of success!
  • Develop success habits that you can embrace for a lifetime.
  • Stop letting “good enough” become the substitute for “outstanding greatness”
  • Learn the things you should Start Doing / Stop Doing / Keep Doing.
  • Stop judging yourself and your progress – create increased capacity. Plan more and plan better.
  • Gain awareness of your destructive behaviors and have the power to change them (chemical, physical, emotional).
  • Start doing more of what you want and have the motivation to let go of what holds you back.

“Dr. Eric Janowitz laid out a life’s manual with invaluable insights for anyone who wants success in health and life, regardless of what you do or how gritty your goals are.”

Lincoln Salmon, Entrepreneur, Insurance Agent, and Coach

Introducing Our Synergy Life University

Enroll in The Synergy Health Solution Online Course!

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

I am building a waiting list of those individuals who are ready to experience Synergistic Living in their health and life.  This course will offer easy to follow action oriented modules that will help clarify each of the four quadrants of the synergy success cycle and see how they are already working in your life- both positively and negatively.  Even more, I will serve as your virtual coach where I will outline specific time based actions to help successfully move you through your customized synergy success cycle. 

This course is 4 months long with each month focused on a specific quadrant.  The course will include access to our private Facebook community of others taking their synergy journey.

We are currently on a waiting list for the next course release.  Please complete the following form to be updated on the next course opening and get access to early registration pricing.

PLUS – everyone on this list will receive periodic FREE BONUSES that I will send out only to those on this exclusive list.

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Not sure where to start? Download "Synergy Health Solutions Book Chapter 1"

In the meantime, start learning my Synergy Health Solution by ordering the book available here on this website as well as on Amazon.

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Here's the life in action with our podcast

Want to hear about experts teaching how the Synergy Life is working in their life?  Listen to our free Podcast- The Synergy Life- every week where we crack the code of people who are achieving mega levels of success in key areas of their life.  I sit down with these industry or “life area” experts while they share their success journey.  I then break down the specific aspects that are leading to their success using my Synergy Success Cycle framework.  Instead of just guessing what makes successful people successful, I will show you how they did it.

Podcast to be released in late 2020

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker