Take your business from Scattered to Success at the Speed of Synergy!

Businesses, professional service, non-profit organizations, like the human body, need effective systems to operate at their peak potential.

Why settle for growing by addition when multiplication is possible!

You don’t need another meeting or new product or service – you need a new mindset, a new hope, and a plan. My Synergy Health System will help you multiply your results so that you don’t just have more business activities but rather your organization transforms and experiences new levels of results that were once only imaginable.

Don’t just add ineffective activities – experience the multiplication effect of synergy!

Discover the Power of Synergy

Most organizations live in the world of addition.  Add this meeting, training, product, service …you fill in the blank.  This type of addition living is for amateurs.  This is boring math:

50 + 50 = 100

Synergy Living is about experiencing a world of multiplication.  This is where you systematically and holistically integrate and combine several key activities (and mindsets) that not just add to the results in your organization, but rather propel it to experience much greater results.  This type of math creates excitement in your life and those on your team.

50 x 50 = 2,500

Learning how to Synergize the life of your organization and create a whole new level of growth, team engagement, and success.  This type of multiplication is for masters of life!

Is this you?

Let me ask you.  Do any of these statements sound familiar?

Do you find yourself working on too many things at one time, wearing too many hats?

Do you constantly feel stressed, scattered and long to stop reacting to circumstances?

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

Are you always being pulled in multiple directions that you are unsure on what to focus on?

Are you not producing the income you desired?

With my Synergy Business Solutions protocol you can start experiencing the joy of running your organization the way you always dreamed was possible.

Imagine going to work next week here

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

You have the time to dream about the future, better yet, focus on strategies and plans that will bring that envisioned future to you!

You go home at the end of the day more relaxed, looking forward to tomorrow.

You attract a higher level of talent and find that you are able to retain top talent more easily.

You feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.

You have more time for vacations, you are putting more money in your pocket. Your marriage gets better, work work-life balance gets better – your life gets better.

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Here’s How it Works

In working with thousands of people over the past 20 years and studying thousands of hours into personal development, health care, and business development, I recognized patterns.  I noticed that those achieving great success in life or suffering with lots of setbacks were engaged in a cycle both internally in their mindset and externally in their associations and actions.  This cycle continued to work and be propelled either in the positive or worse in the negative in their lives.  The ones who gained continued upward success in their business were using this formula- whether they knew it or not.  I call it the Synergy Success Cycle.

Phase 1 – Your POWER – We identify the strengths and unique attributes that your organization offers.  We make sure your time and energy capitalize on these areas. From this phase you will:

  • Get clarity on where you excel as an organization and a team
  • Gain increased confidence in your potential and ability to thrive
  • Help your leaders and workers discover their gifts leading to increased productivity and joy
  • Recognize which products or services you offer (or can offer) based upon the unique strengths of your organization
Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

“The Synergy Solution enables us to re-think some of the fundamental, yet often-neglected, aspects of life. Dr. Janowitz’s perspective is refreshing.”

Ze Wang Associate, Professor of Marketing, University of Central Florida

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Phase 2 – Your PURPOSE – Your organization is not just about making money – that’s a byproduct that is earned from the value your company brings to society.  The more clarity you have on that value, the more you can accelerate and promote it. Ironically, the more you focus on adding value to those you serve, the more profitable and fulfilling your company becomes. This phase addresses:

  • Why does your organization exist? What makes your customers, clients, donors and members want to connect with and identify with you.
  • Gain clarity on how you bring value that is unique and differentiated from your competition.
  • Identify how well is your advertising and promotion communicating your core values

“Dr. Eric Janowitz laid out a manual with invaluable insights for anyone who wants success, regardless of what you do or how gritty your goals are.”

Lincoln Salmon, Entrepreneur, Insurance Agent, and Coach

Phase 3 – Your PEOPLE – Your organization runs on the drive, the competence, the experience, the ingenuity of your leadership and team.  This phase of our work will enable you to:

  • Identify the people on your team who have the potential to do more
  • Help get the right people on the bus and in the right seats on the bus
  • Who are the game-changers that you need to develop or recruit that until you do, will keep you throttled back from you optimal impact and success?
Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

“Dr. Janowitz has created a plan for success. With years of experience, intense education in personal coaching, and a physician for 20 years treating tens of thousands of patients, he has insights into developing a personal plan for health and success. “

Dr. Elliott Grusky DC

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Phase 4 – Your PROCESS – Having the right system, the right plan that you can manage, monitor and adapt as needed is crucial to your organization’s success.  We will:

  • Help you establish key indicators that allow you to see at a glance where you are doing well and what areas need attention.
  • Provide the accountability you need to succeed. You can manage what you can’t measure.
  • Create plans to work on your business as well as more effective time in your business.
  • Identify the tasks that can be delegated, so you elevate your key players while having more time to focus on running the organization instead of it running you!

“The Synergy Health Solution is a superb compilation of goal directed advice. As a neurosurgeon, I plan to personally implement many of the topics Dr Janowitz covers!”

Nizam Razack, MD Neurosurgeon, Spine & Brain Neurosurgery Center

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Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

As a Chiropractor I see daily what a simple spinal adjustment can do to optimize a person’s health and wellbeing.  As a business development coach and entrepreneur, I understand how a simple business adjustment can open the door to more profits, more resources and more IMPACT!

We are on a waiting list of those business owners who are ready to experience Synergistic Living in their company and life.  This course will offer easy to follow action-oriented modules that will help clarify each of the four quadrants of the synergy success cycle and see how they are already working in your life- both positively and negatively.  Even more, I will serve as your virtual coach where I will outline specific time-based actions to help successfully move you through your customized synergy success cycle. 

This course is 12 months long with each quarter focused on a specific quadrant.  The course will include access to our private Facebook Synergy Business community of others taking their synergy journey.

This course is available by application only.  Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION Today to learn more about the training and to make sure it is the right fit for you and your organization. 


Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Not sure where to start? Download "Synergy Health Solutions Book Chapter 1"

In the meantime, start learning my Synergy Health Solution by ordering the book available here on this website as well as on Amazon.

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Here's the life in action with our podcast

Want to hear about experts teaching how the Synergy Life is working in their life?  Listen to our free Podcast- The Synergy Life- every week where we crack the code of people who are achieving mega levels of success in key areas of their life.  I sit down with these industry or “life area” experts while they share their success journey.  I then break down the specific aspects that are leading to their success using my Synergy Success Cycle framework.  Instead of just guessing what makes successful people successful, I will show you how they did it.

Podcast to be released in late 2020

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker