How Beliefs and Limiting Beliefs Effect your Life

How Beliefs and Limiting Beliefs Effect your life

As we go throughout life, we’re always faced with thoughts and belief systems that eventually become ingrained in our experience of life over time. While many belief systems and thought processes can be beneficial and empowering to our lives, others may actually be limiting your full potential and ability to reach the level you truly desire in life.

If you’re unaware of what your limiting beliefs are or don’t have an understanding of how to recognize them, it’s vital that you take steps to change that so you can experience true life improvement like you never have before. For those that have been trying to do precisely this, the good news is that there are solutions available to you.

Dr. Eric Janowitz is a chiropractic physician and professional personal development expert with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, Janowitz has worked with an estimated 20,000 patients, so you can rest assured that practical data back his plan for removing limiting beliefs in your life.

Removing Limiting Beliefs From Your Lifestyle

Discussed in his book, They Synergy Health Solution, Dr. Janowitz has pioneered the Synergy Success Cycle which consists of four interconnected areas of focus:  personal power, purpose, people, and process.  When discussing limiting beliefs related to the Synergy Success Cycle, they would be classified in the power quadrant.   Power in the synergy health solution can be used to achieve better health through first diagnosing what your limiting beliefs are then taking steps in the right direction to correct them.

When you have a set of limiting beliefs that begin to negatively impact your ability to communicate, find inspiration, or achieve your goals, it’s a sign that you need to start re-wiring your thought process. In order to experience genuine life improvement, we must continuously seek knowledge to remove any limiting beliefs that may be impeding on your ability to make substantial progress.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, positive beliefs help us create firm boundaries and re-occurring thoughts that can be used to improve our health and state of well-being in general as they help us establish a solid process in our mind that translate into unwavering personal power throughout all of the actions we take in our lives.

Obtaining your short-term and long-term goals require that you sustain a set of positive beliefs. Limiting beliefs will only cause you to miss opportunities that have the potential to bring true value in your life.  These limiting beliefs often occur by making generalities, assumptions, misinterpretations which then limit our current and future life experience.   

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Dr. Eric Janowitz’s Synergy Success Cycle can help you remove limiting beliefs from your life by taking you through a systematic and practical process that will allow you to assess all your life elements that affect your actions and the results you get from them.


The Synergy Success Cycle is a powerful tool by which you will be able to improve the overall quality of your life through simple means of analyzation, identification, and action. If you’re someone who has been dealing with limiting beliefs on a regular basis and is trying to break the cycle, explore The Synergy Health Solution book or contact Dr. Eric Janowitz today so he can help you!

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