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Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

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“From a Skinny, Shy, Cross-Eyed Boy with Scoliosis to Creating One of the Most Successful Chiropractic Practices!”


Dr. Eric Janowitz

Hi, I’m Dr. Eric Janowitz

I created the Synergy Life Success System to help you be and achieve your highest potential.

For the past 20 years I’ve run a successful Chiropractic clinic in Central Florida where I’ve helped thousands of patience enjoy greater mobility and freedom. Through my work with patients, I noticed several factors that impacted their health and healing. It’s the power of synergy,  multiple forces working together that leads to the quickest recovery and the greatest level of health and wellness.

Those synergy principles I discovered apply to all areas of life and business! Now my mission is to love, serve and inspire others to achieve their best health and live ever.

Let’s be honest, we all want to look and feel great

If these people trust me, I can’t be that bad...


Dr. Eric Janowitz has been an instrumental leader in the healthcare community of greater Orlando and has positively affected thousands of patients.

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Dr. Todd Sontag, D.O.

Dr. Janowitz has created a plan for success with his years of experience, intense education in personal coaching, and being a physician for 20 years treating tens of thousands of patients.

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Dr. Elliott Grusky, D.C.

The Synergy Health Solution is a superb compilation of health and goal directed advice on how to live one’s life. As a neurosurgeon, I plan to personally implement many of the topics Dr Janowitz covers!

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker

Dr. Nizam Razack, M.D.

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Just Released – The Synergy Health Solution

In this groundbreaking new release, I will walk you step-by-step through four critical areas of your life that impacts your health:

It’s time to take control of your health – and your life.

Stop treating symptoms and applying only partial health solutions. YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE!

Available in Hardback, Paperback Ebook and Audiobook

Eric Janowitz | Personal Health & Motivational Speaker


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Healthy People and Businesses follow a blueprint…

Although health is the natural state of body, there exists a map to help unlock your health potential…

Successful organizations also use proven strategies to make them great…

Through 20 years of studying BOTH healthy bodies and businesses, I have discovered their global pattern for success.  I call it The Synergy Success Cycle.  By understanding and implementing ALL the components of the Synergy Success Cycle, you and your organization can achieve healthy results that you once that was unimaginable.  They are possible with the right framework!

Find the missing link in your organization’s health that can position you for greater growth and success by scheduling a free consultation.

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